Common Questions

[1. What the window that asking authority does?](#1. what_the_authority_window_does)


Basic Usage

  1. Drag subtitles files, video files or the folders that contain them to the upper part of the main window. sources main windo

  2. SubRee will show preview window. You can add more folders or files until all are done, if you need to.preview windo

  3. Click Go button in main window.

delete is not enabled by default. You can enable it in preferences. For more information on preferences, see here.

sorting files after renaming

Sometimes, you need to move series in one season to a designated folder. Here are the steps:

  1. Drag the destination folder to the lower part of the main window.destination main windo

  2. Result is as the picture。destination result main windo

  3. You can see in the preview window. Now the mkv file is shown move as well.move preview windo

Common Questions

1. What the window that asking authority does?

Conclusion first: We prefer you drag folders than files.

Sandbox is the requirement by Apple for apps on App Store. Apple requires all apps that can be downloadable in App Store to run in Sandbox. You can image your Mac as a house, and apps are people who walk in the house. Generally, people can walk anywhere in the house, check things. Now you image the house is a prison, with steel fences, every app is treated as a criminal in a separated cell, the app can only walk in that cell. That is the requirement for apps who wants to be downloadable in App Store. As people is in the cell, the people is more security to the house.

Because of the existence of Sandbox, SubRee can only access limited resource. SubRee can get the capability when you dragging folders or files to its main window, or you can use Menu -> Open to get the same result. However, there are some differences between dragging folders to dragging files. When folders were dragged, SubRee got all capabilities in that folder. Those capabilities would be necessary when SubRee copied or moved files to those folders. On the other hand, if there were files that were dragged, SubRee could only get the capabilities of those files, instead of the capabilities of the folder contained those files. That means, SubRee could not copy or move other files to the folder that contained the dragged files. In order to do that, SubRee had to ask you to permit the capabilities.